Unruly, headstrong, and critical to the survival of the world, Miss Lyra is a wonder. A “café society girl” on the Upper East Side of New York in the ‘40s, Golightly was an eccentric beauty on the run from an old life, ambivalent about morality but sure about what she likes and doesn’t like. Cranky, cranky Hugo Whittier is one of my all time favorites — rude and self-absorbed, but also smart as hell and delightfully grumpy all the time. A more wild and marvelous chocolatier than any child could dream up — but, of course, they don’t have to try.

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The story was adapted into an Academy Award-nominated film in 1985 that, despite widespread critical acclaim, was notoriously snubbed of all 11 awards it was nominated for. Gilbert Blythe from “Anne of Green Gables” is the first on this list because he’s probably my favorite literary character of all time. He starts off as a cheeky classmate of Anne’s who makes fun of her red hair, but throughout the book, evolves into a man who supports and loves Anne nearly as much as Marilla and Matthew. He has the boyish charm paired with a naturally caring personality, which leaves you wishing Gilbert would walk out of the book and into modern real life. Have your students create a dating profile for a character in the story they are reading or even for historical figures! This activity helps students evaluate their knowledge about the character/person and allows them to be creative, while basing their answers on the text/history.

Select the most appropriate characters for your novel by carefully thinking about each of their roles in the story. Minor character Harry is the man next door who is quite bland in both looks and personality. Try to think outside the box when it comes to descriptions, using prompts like the character’s darkest secret or most embarrassing experience to flesh out their personality.

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Their tragic love and death made them one of the most famous fictional characters of all time. As we’ve already established, there are some highly desirable gentleman populating the pages of our favorite books. But women and men who love men aren’t the only people who swoon over charming book characters. What about all the feisty, funny, beautiful, brave, soulful, and clever women from literature who have won the hearts of readers? I figured it was time to suss out which women from fiction have been enrapturing readers most, and what these crushes show us about people’s true characters.

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Martin Seamus McFly is a fictional character and protagonist in the trilogy of films Back to the Future. McFly appears in the animated series based on the film, but the voice is not given to him by Fox, but by David Kaufman, as well as in the video game based on the film in which he is voiced by A. J. Locascio; yet Fox gave his vote for the character at the end of the game. In 2008, McFly was named the 12th best film character of all time by Empire magazine. Easily all of Game of Thrones characters can belong to the list of most famous fictional characters. Jon Snow is a fictional character from the cycle of fiction novels by George R.R. Martina A song of ice and fire .

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His placement on this list is solely for his conflicted nature and his ultimate decision to do the right thing. With a name like “Four” , Tobias from “Divergent” oozes mystery. Between his fighting skills and somewhat dismissive personality, he has an appeal that is undeniable. However, it doesn’t take long to recognize his feelings for Tris and the way he subtly looks out for her. Jamie founded Listverse due to an insatiable desire to share fascinating, obscure, and bizarre facts. He has been a guest speaker on numerous national radio and television stations and is a five time published author.

The clue to Jack Dawkins’ hip credentials is provided by the adjective in his title. His pickpocketing skills are adroit and dexterous, and he uses his manifold wits to survive his harsh times. Deep beneath his streetwise exterior beats the heart of an impassioned and friendly young boy. Ok, we come clean, they are our words – we just thought the old Bard would add some gravitas. You see, we’re attempting to extol the virtues of being cool through the medium of literature.

He has appeared in most X-Men adaptations, including animated television series, video games, and the twentieth-century Fox X-Men film series, in which Hugh Jackman starred in nine of ten films. Frederick Charles “Freddy” Kruger, or simply Fred is a fictional https://mydatingadvisor.com/oneamour-review/ character from the horror film series Fear in Elm Street. He first appears in the film Wes Craven’s Fear in Elm Street as a mutilated nightmare killer with a glove with blades with which he kills his victims in a dream, and they then die in reality.

It also has a thin scar in the middle of the forehead in the form of lightning. It is the only physical sign of the deadly curse cast on him by Lord Voldemort on October 31, 1981, which killed his parents and destroyed their house. Harry Potter attends Hogwarts, a school of witchcraft and sorcery. His best friends are Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger.

The character was created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger, and Bob Kane, and first appeared in 1940 in the comic book Batman # 1. As the great-grandfather of the superhero Batman, the Joker has appeared in various comics, movies, TV series, games and products. Julia’s parents want to marry her to a respectable nobleman, but she would rather die than trample on her love and marriage to Romeo. Once again, the priest who married them jumps in to help her. He gives Julia a potion that will only put her to sleep, not kill her, to make her think she is dead, and she will be free after that.