The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. … the Department of Homeland Security is now recognized as a major IZCS beach-head inside America and part of a long term plan to establish a foreign controlled IZCS neo-Bolshevik military force inside America to tyrannize, wage war against, and eventually serially mass murder most Americans. Extremely low frequency (ELF) technology slowly drives the target crazy with silent sound, similar to the CIA MKULTRA psychiatrist, Dr. Ewen Cameron’s, “psychic driving” technique, used to break down the target’s personality. The new buzzwords at the Pentagon are “synthetic telepathy” and “psychotronics.” Another means of attack on targets is the Smirnoff patent, that uses subliminal suggestion to manipulate human behavior. This patent was purchased by the remote viewing company, Psi Tech Corporation.

Fair DealIn his second term, Harry Truman embraced near-left Democrats while calling progressives like Wallace “commies.”  Truman pushed a platform to expand the New Deal called the Fair Deal. The Fair Deal supported civil rights legislation, universal health insurance, expansion of Social Security benefits, and repeal of the Taft-Hartley Act that weakened labor the year before. A lot of the Fair Deal was similar to what Dewey proposed for his GOP platform in the 1948 election, but out of step with what more conservative congressional Republicans and Democrats supported. A coalition of conservative northern Republicans and southern Democrats called the “Old Guard” mostly stymied the Fair Deal.

Which ethnicities do white women and men like to date? Surprising study

These gangstalkers demand to be noticed by their target, and if they are not, they will take an action to be noticed. This could include honking their horn strategically, making a comment, creating a scenario to get the attention of the targeted individual. Once noticed, they will return to non-contact, knowing that by that point, the targeted individual will henceforth anxiously watch for them. If you can help expose illegal spying and harassment of Americans by intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, and private security contractors, please do so.

United States of Tyranny: DOD, Obama, and Congress Make False Flag Propaganda Ops (and Gang Stalking and Treason!) Legal

“Surveillance Role Players” and their bosses have security clearances, so perhaps some of them convince themselves that they are special, but they are not an elite group; in 2013, over 5.1 million Americans had security clearances. Gang stalking perps are among the many parasites feeding at the massive “homeland security” pig trough. So there is at least one credible published report of intense gang stalking being used by a U.S. military counterintelligence agency against an American citizen. Possibly the operations were intended to serve as both a form of extra-judicial punishment and as experimentation. Another role might or might not be to perpetrate the counterintelligence stalking of targeted individuals. In the absence of reporting on either the nature of SRPs or the nature of counterintelligence stalking, it is at least worth considering that the two phenomena might be connected.

This dissident Chinese artist tells the remarkable history of China while also illuminating his artistic process and divulging the tragic story of his celebrated poet father and how the family suffered during the Cultural Revolution. From the award-winning author of “Amina’s Voice” comes “Zara’s Rules for Finding Hidden Treasure” (Salaam Reads) by Hena Khan and illustrated by Wastana Haikal. When a new family moves in across the street, suddenly Zara who is queen of her neighborhood finds her reign threatened. To get everyone’s attention again, Zara decides she’s going to break a Guinness World Record. Keigo Higashino is one of Japan’s most popular fiction writers as well known in that country as Stephen King of James Patterson is here in the U.S. His “The Devotion of Suspect X” was shortlisted for an Edgar Award for Best Novel.

As long as racism exists in our communities, it will exist in dating

However, most of the time, the gangstalkers are complete strangers to the target. In most of the encounters the target has with gangstalkers, the target does not recognize the perpetrators but the gangstalkers readily recognize the target. Further, these predatory strangers possess detailed knowledge about the targeted individual. Most often, Predatory Gangstalking is being engaged in by parties unknown, for reasons unknown, to the target. People have died after a lifetime of protracted Predatory Gangstalking without having any explanations as to who was doing this or why this happened to them. A Predatory Gangstalking group is a well-run organization comprised of
members who are unidentified as gangstalkers to the outside world.

It’s how you feel you don’t have the same access to things as they do, and you can’t imagine being in a marriage where you’re reminded of that daily. Sure some men may work out, hit the gym, and look strong, but they lament that women often “judge a book by its cover.” In essence, they find this world of online dating extremely limiting because of the constraints placed on them by America’s standard of beauty. Women who have no Asian male friends or interactions are limited to societal and media portrayals of Asian men that aren’t flattering. Just this year, comedian Steve Harvey joked about how no one would want to date Asian men.

Recent migrations patterns don’t necessarily show the same kind of “white flight” we saw in the 1960s, where a neighborhood’s demographic shifts drastically in just a couple of years because white people leave. Rather, Krysan said, “In the last several decades, the demographic characterization is less about the flight — less about whites fleeing a certain type of neighborhood — and more about decisions that people make when looking at where they’re going to move next.” Residents would point to an area they’ve never been before, an area in the outer suburbs, and assume it was a white and wealthy area.

“Through covert trial and error, the CIA, in collaboration with university researchers, slowly identified three key behavioral components integral to its emerging techniques for psychological torture. This gathering knowledge about people and the entire population is a totalitarian procedure. This is the domestic threat that our Constitution and the oath of office we took was given to prevent.

“She has provided steady leadership during a time of uncertainty over the future of the department,” he said. “I have nothing but respect for Interim Superintendent Siddens and appreciate her service as acting superintendent,” Reineke said in a statement. “It is clear, however, that the governing structure at the Ohio Department of Education does not work. The State Board of Education has had two years to hire a full-time leader and has failed. Politicians and education advocates were quick to wish Siddens their best, including Gov. DeWine.