You are allowed to post genuine and true reviews about the business. Defamation only arises when you post misleading and false information which affects the business. Their threat of defamation case to remove review is pathetic and unlawful and has no ground to stay on.

SOLD OUT Speed Dating 30-45ySOLD OUT Speed Dating 30-45y

It is very difficult warn others just how bad a show that they promote is really untasteful and a waste of money! This show that we ended up going to was a joke and not in a good way. We arrived at 6 pm because it said on the receipt 6-10. We stood in pouring rain from 545 pm to 620.

Review from Kimberly R

–Who brings a phone to a place where you are going to be dancing and drinking, etc? Any way, long or short of this; I blame Eventbrite for this debacle! This New Year’s was trashed miserably and irrevocably because of this and we are still reeling from it!

A lovely host guides you through the virtual event, there to assist you with anything. This was a really great event, especially for someone who has never experienced speeding dating before, like myself. The restaurant was easy to get to and the bar staff were lovely. The host for the evening was really helpful and organized. I think the group before us was running a bit behind, but it was nice to take that time to chat with my fellow daters.

” Lovely venue have been before for other unrelated events. Would definitely go again..” The host was great and friendly and explained everything in a clear language. The event took place in a hotel which was great however there was some background noise from the street which some times made it hard to understand people. I have been to a few of SDA’s events over the years and they are always well organised and great fun.

“Video chatting and Zoom speed dating act as a great screening tool,” Golden tells Bustle. ” decide if someone should be on your ‘meet when it’s safe’ list or if the process should stop now so you can protect your time.” I’ve sent an email and didn’t get a response.

Simply put they took my money and I got absolutely nothing from it. I will never sign up for anything with them again. Hi Kevin, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. As per our terms we do reserve the right to change the venue if unforeseen circumstances render the advertised one unusable.

We appreciate you taking a quick moment out to share your sentiments. We’re so chuffed to hear how much you’ve enjoyed our events with us. Rescheduled events are not common and there is always another event, just around the corner.

Endless texting only to meet someone who is different than their profile or how they represented themselves resulting in what you thought were sparks fizzle quite quickly. There is simply no substitute for in-person chemistry. We do take a very understanding approach to daters whom need to reschedule, much as we would for you, if you needed to reschedule. We can’t imagine telling a dater who is sick, has a personal or family emergency or work conflicts – their ticket is considered redeemed. We can guarantee you, this would only upset daters more, garner far more negative reviews than the few we do and create an atmosphere not conducive to dating. The Speed dating event was the second one I’d been on.

Roxy is very rude and aggressive herself, she should be banned from doing business like this instead of banning people requesting for refunds. Also, their way of doing business is unethical. The fact that they threatened people to remove genuine reviews for defamation is ridiculous and unlawful. I know the law very well and I have posted many negative reviews about the bad businesses for people to take precaution without any single defamation case.

With meet ups for practically every interest and activity under the sun, rsvp – there’s something for everyone. While I’ve never been one for ice-breakers, I’ve always been intrigued by the prospect of experiencing love at first sight in real-time. On a recent credit card statement; I found linked to Eventbrite posted on my statement eleven times and $94.99 each. I have never even heard of this company and have never made any transactions with it. Needless to say, I had to have a new credit card to replace it, and I still see this posted several times. Through researching the web; I found out about a scam involving Eventbrite.