A needy young woman by the name Roselyn Wanyama from Kakamega County who had a jaw tumor. Through Communis Minds, the lady was picked up from the village, taken to Nairobi at KNH for operations. Roselyne was successfully operated on and she lives with her mother in the village in Kakamega County.

The organization sourced for funds to settle her bill (Kes. 1,500,000), upkeep of the patient and the mother, facilitated for caretaker services and supported the patient’s child back in the village.

The funds were sourced through

  1. Friendship contributions
  2. Volunteers
  3. Safaricom Foundation
  4. The area Member of Parliament
  5. Well-wishers

After hospital discharge, the Organization followed with the Kakamega County government for support of the family which saw the Governor’s office built a semi-permanent house for Roselyn and her mother in the Village

Roselyne was successfully operated on and she lives with her mother in the village in Kakamega County.

Follow up surveys are underway and the organization is still liaising with the County government for economic empowerment of the family by providing either the mother to Roselyn herself some form of employment.


Roseline started feeling unwell when she was 16 years old when she was in class 4. She dropped out due to the illness. It all started as a small painless swelling between teeth and eventually expanded. She was taken to Kakamega General Hospital on 17th November 2005. An x-ray was taken and she was put on medication. However, because of lack of finances, she never went back for a review as the condition continued to worsen.

By the time Communis Minds identified the case, she was not under any medication.

It was a neighbor who heard of this condition and shared with Hellen who brought the concern to the attention of the organization.

Through the executive committee meeting, it was resolved that the Organization helps Roseline with bus fare to attend free medical camp that they had heard were taking place at

On arrival at Maragua District Hospital, the case was referred German Medical Centres for CT-Scan which diagnosed her with jaw tumor that required urgent attention.

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